FRED CRESS (born Poona, India 1938, studied UK, migrated to Australia 1962) is one of Australia?s best-known and controversial artists. He won the Archibald prize in 1988 and held approximately 80 solo exhibitions since 1965. His work hangs in numerous public, private and corporate collections in Europe, USA and Australia, including all major State Galleries and the National Gallery of Australia.  

Fred Cress was a painter who continually evolved with each new body of work, demonstrating capacity for change, ability to focus and a talent for innovation in his painting. His themes are concerned with human relations and dilemmas, often focusing on the secrets that are present in the relationships of our daily lives. Cress also dealt with the effect of emotion on the psyche. 

Cress's commitment to figuration situates him clearly in the continuum of Australian art history. 

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